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Keratin Complex Straight Day Spray Reveiw


Like many women with curly or wavy hair, I struggle with keeping my hair straight on hot humid days. Coppola’s Keratin Complex Straight Day Spray is supposed to reduce frizz and flyaways and produce a silky and smooth clean finish to the hair. Although the spray does not have the most appealing fragrance, it does…

Creating Curls that Last with a HAI Flat Iron

This step by step guide shows you how to create those lovely, loose, long lasting curls with a HAI Convertable 1-1/4 inch flat iron. You can click the slide show pictures at anytime to read the detailed information. Feel like trying this style at home? Start your curling frenzy with a Hai Converable Flat Iron. -StraightBelle

Flat Iron Styling with GHD

To achieve straight, sleek locks: Lightly mist hair with GHD Thermal Protector then use a little GHD Obedience Cream (pictured). Open the iron and place a section of dry hair between the plates. Ensure that the iron is as close to the root as possible before closing the plates. Gently move the iron downward –…

Creating Curls with a Flat Iron

Why Not Create Some Carefree Curls with Your Flat Iron? Ok, you’ve heard the myth. You’ve seen other people with beautiful, bouncy curls. They tell you they used a flat iron. Curls with a flat iron? Yes! I’ll show you how anyone can achieve that carefree curly look. It just takes a little practice, patience,…