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Hair Q&A: Hair & Humidity

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Q: Hair & Humidity: Friends or Foes? A: FRIENDS! Although most people dread what the humidity does to their style, the moisture in the air will actually help keep your hair hydrated

StyleBell Q & A: How to Handle Ringlets?

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Question: I deal with tight ringlets…it’s fine, not coarse, but very thick. I like to embrace my curls but they frizz. Help! Answer: Hi! We would love to help you, too! If you are trying to embrace your curls and would just like to tame them, I recommend you try the BioSilk Smoothing Balm. It…

Fabulous Natural Frizz Fighters


A few days ago, I was at an event with a few beauty editor friends of mine, and I commented that my hair was naturally very curly and frizzy. No one believed me…and that made me ridiculously happy. For as long as I remember, I hate frizz. I hate my curls. And I do all…

CHI 44 Iron Guard – We Love it!

CHI Iron Guard

So you decide to upgrade to the “Professional” hair dryer and straightening iron and you assume that once you switch your hair will be shiny, frizz free, and bouncy.  Wrong!  After continued use of professional grade hair appliances many start to notice deterioration in their hair health.  You may start to experience dryness at the…