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Kate Mara’s Ah-Mazing Up-do!

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Kate Mara’s Ah-Mazing Up-do! So, 2 things to say about Kate Mara’s Golden Globe hair 1.) LOVING the new blonde color on her. She looks fantastic and the color suits her beautifully! 2.) This whimsical, flirty up-do is by far my favorite look of the night!

Golden Globes Top Picks By Dean Banowetz

Drew Barrymore

This just in!  Dean Banowetz, celebrity hairstylist to Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Hudson, Leeza Gibbons, and every American Idol icon, was at the Golden Globes with a “front row seat”. He was hanging on the red carpet with his #1 client Ryan Seacrest and was upclose and personal with each star and of course their fabulous…