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Suffering From Hard Water Hair Damage?!


Don’t let the build up bring you down. Use a clarifying shampoo,  as frequently as once a week, followed by a light deep conditioner.  Clarifying treatments help strip that mineral build up and bring your hair back to it’s soft and shiny state!

CHI 44 Iron Guard – We Love it!

CHI Iron Guard

So you decide to upgrade to the “Professional” hair dryer and straightening iron and you assume that once you switch your hair will be shiny, frizz free, and bouncy.  Wrong!  After continued use of professional grade hair appliances many start to notice deterioration in their hair health.  You may start to experience dryness at the…

Sun Protection For Your Hair?


So you spend hours on the beach all lathered up in sunscreen (of course) protecting your skin from future cancer related ailments and it dawns upon you – Do I need something for my hair?  Your hair is largely comprised of dead cells, a fiber called keratinized protein. Although the cells are dead, yes you…