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Hair Coloring Terminology

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Recently, my mom has discovered the joys of having her hair colored professionally in a salon. She has been dying her hair for years herself at home, but there are some things best left to the professionals – namely, anything involving bleach, especially if you aren’t just bleaching all of your hair. My mom and…

Justin Timberlake Cuts His Own Hair?


Yes yes yes Justin Timberlake now cuts his own hair.  He told the Sun “I don’t require hair or nail appointments. I actually cut my own hair – that’s why it’s all the same length.”  Don’t we all love Justin!  Yes his hair looks fantastic too.

Mariah Carey, More Hairstylists than Guests!

Mariah Carey Hair

Mariah Carey has made a comeback in a big way.  With her new album E=MC2 and her nuptials with Nick Cannon, Mariah has taken the pop charts and the gossip column by storm in the past few months. Last week while speaking to Ellen DeGeneres Mariah Carey stated that there were more people helping her…

Hair Care Product Sales to Reach 42.5 Billion by 2010


I didn’t need a very expensive report to tell me the trends but it is now confirmed. The hair care product market is expanding like never before! According to a report issued by Global Industry Analysts, Hair care is witnessing tremendous growth primarily due to the increasing consumer emphasis on healthy hair, the catchword being…

What Makes Hair Curly?

Whether your hair is stick straight or full of corkscrew curls, you have your genes to thank. But how exactly genes control the shape of hair has been debated. Scientists once thought that the curliness of hair was determined by the individual hair shafts, but have since discovered that the shape of the follicle (the…

Static-y Winter Hair?

Got static? It’s a common hair problem in the winter, especially if you whip off your hat too fast. And it’s never a good look. What to do? Try a dryer sheet! Yep, just rub a dryer sheet over your strands to keep static away! Who knew? -StraightBelle