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Jason Alexander Has Hair Now

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Perhaps television’s most famous bald man, Jason Alexander is best known for his role as George Costanza on Seinfeld. Through his character, Alexander became sort of an unofficial spokesperson for bald men everywhere. In fact, GQ included him in their list of the most powerful bald celebrities. But it would appear his term as bald…

Can Vitamins Help Hair Growth?


For the last few months I have been doing research on Vitamin D and recently even purchased a bottle of the Vitamin D supplement at the local Trader Joe’s.  Dr. Oz has claimed that receiving the right amount of Vitamin D is impertative to our overall health.   Did you all know that Vitamin D also…

True or False: Massaging Scalp Helps Hair Growth?

This is unfortunately False.  I love scalp massages.  I feel refreshed and invigorated post scalp rub down.  Scalp massages can increase blood flow which is always a good thing, however, if you are looking to activate hair growth scalp massages will not work for you.

True or False: Cutting Hair Makes Hair Grow?

This is completely false.  I wish we could give you a magical remedy to help your hair grow longer, however, cutting the hair more often will not make your hair grow faster.  On average your hair grows about 1/2  inch every  month.

So Long, Straggly Hair!

If you ever wonder how celebrities get such long, thick hair, or if you want to grow yours out, there’s an easy, cheap fix that can put your hair heads and shoulders above the rest (sorry, couldn’t resist the cheesy pun;) For a well-spent 10 bucks a pop, you can get a month’s supply of…