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Important Ingredients to Avoid While Shopping for Hair Products

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Unfortunately, when it comes to hair products, we are usually so excited to get our hands on the latest and greatest products that we forget to pay mind to the ingredients we are exposing our precious strands to. Luckily, we have done endless research on this so that you don’t have to! We’ve compiled a…

NEW! Pureology Pure Volume System!

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  Just can’t achieve the volume you want? Well, Pureology never disappoints! Their NEW Pure Volume line goes above & beyond to give you the volume you need! TAKE LIMP LOCKS TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH PUREOLOGY’S REFORUMLATED PURE VOLUME SYSTEM Pureology reformulates Pure Volume system and introduces Instant Levitation Mist Pureology’s NEW Pure Volume System:  Pure Volume Shampoo…

Teresa Giudice Launched Her New Product Line!

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Real Housewive’s star Teresa Giudice launched her new hair product line, Milania, at a New Jersey salon this weekend! She said the line is designed to help repair dry, damaged hair and help hair to look like hers! Her hair does always look fabulous, I would give it a try!  

Powertools for the Hair Professional!

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The POWERTOOLS line of products  by Dennis Bernard are a time saver and money maker for any hairstylist! All of the products are extremely easy to use and do exactly what they say they do — they help you power through your busy day with fast and efficient results. These products can be used in combination…

Dry Shampoo Solutions

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Ever have a morning where you don’t have time to wash to your hair? Of course, haven’t we all? What you need in this situation is a product called dry shampoo. It usually comes in an aerosol can or powder form. StyleBell product junkie Deanna has tried three different brands and types of dry shampoo,…

Pamper Your Mom with Pureology


As you all know very well that Pureology is my favorite line of hair care I had to give a little Pureology love for Mother’s Day.  Help your mom take a break from her busy days and indulge with Pureology Serious Colour Care’s NEW EssentialRepair System.  The fragrance alone will help her relax.  If that…

Dry Winter Hair? Need Some Condtioning? Redken to the Rescue


Are you in major need of deep conditioning due to drag of the winter months.  I have noticed that my hair is definitely more on the frizzy side.  I have found the answer!  I discovered a few weeks ago the Redken Real Control Overnight Treat Deep Conditioning treatment!  The treatment is a mousse like substance. …

Hillary Duff’s 21st Birthday & Pureology


Happy Birthday Hillary’s Duff!  Hillary’s 21st birthday was on Saturday and of course Hillary had to swing it in complete Duff style with beau, Mike Comrie.  Hillary was spotted before the big bash on the streets of NY at a local Children’s bookstore ubber casual.  Insiders have told StyleBell that each of the guests at…

Need Help Keeping Your Hair Color?


Do you spend a good deal of money and time getting the perfect hair color?  Color can dramatically change your look and overall appearance within one application.  It is a great way to lift an “in the rut” look.  The problem comes in managing that color.  Washing and rinsing with the incorrect shampoo can leave…

Is Natural Beachy the New Look?

Kate Hudson Beachy Hair

So I have to admit I have been tempted to put my flat iron aside and let my hair go au natural wavy!  What has gotten in to me.  I always tell my bff’s that I can feel the trends.  I guess it comes with the territory.  So my quoted on next hair trend is…