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Rules for Smooth Hair Removal

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There are so many different types of hair removal methods out there that it’s hard to follow up on the rules for all of them! Luckily, we’ve rounded up all of the most important rules to remember for all of the most commonly used home hair removal methods so you have a quick reference to…

Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal System!

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Recently, Tori Spelling was caught checking out the Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal system… So, we just knew we had to get our hands on it to check it out also. Through the years, we’ve all heard tons of at-home hair removal horror stories but this machine seems easy to use and harmless. We are so excited to…

Gigi Waxing Kit Review

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Waxing at home is so convenient and economical yet can be extremely messy!  Issues arise! 1) How do I warm up this sticky stuff without the microwave getting messy! 2) Oh no the wax fell on the countertops! 3) I just wasted 30 mintues and the wax just did not remove all of the hair!…