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Fall & Winter Trend – Hairstyles With Bangs

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Hairstyles with bangs are still very much on trend, especially for fall and winter. Many people find them easier to deal with during colder, less sweaty months. Bangs in summer can be pretty problematic if you live in a hot climate! But consider giving them a shot for fall or winter! Bangs are very chic,…

Hair Style How-To: Edgy Ponytail

With all of the fabulous ponytails we’ve seen on runways and red carpets, this week’s how-to seemed very appropriate – a fun, edgy take on the ponytail from YouTuber x3HaHa. As an added bonus, she says this style gives you the appearance of longer hair! Enjoy!

Cashmere Mafia Anyone?

I must admit I was super psyched when I originally heard about Cashmere Mafia as I’ve been longing for a weekly “must-see” since the those good ‘ole Sex And The City days. Unfortunately I’m not sure how long the show will last due to the poor reviews and general lack of enthusiasm – even with…