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5 Fast Ways To Jazz Up Your Hair

I’m growing my hair out. I have had my hair shoulder length or shorter pretty much since sixth grade. It has been almost two years since I decided to grow it out, and it’s getting pretty long. Now that it’s long enough where my pony tail isn’t a sad little joke, I realized something: I…

Travel Tip: Scalp Issues When Traveling?


Sarah’s Tip of the Week Having trouble with your scalp’s skin staying consistent — especially when traveling? Try rinsing with the same bottled water each day (if you’re a traveler, make sure the bottle is sold at your destination).  Using the same water will help keep your scalp’s PH unshocked and stable.  Read more of…

Dye Your Gray's Away


Sarah’s tip of the week!  Gray hair peeping out from your temples?  Make a thick, thick tea and dab the tannin on your grays for a quick fix (lighter tea for blonds, darker for brunettes).  A dab of permanent dye to tide you over until you have the full head of hair done is even…

How to Keep your Hairstyle Overnight

Do you get frustrated because you can’t keep your hair style for more than a day?  Alejandro, from Ford Models, teaches us how to keep that hairstyle from withering away overnight.  All you need is pins or a hair clip.  How easy!  Try it and let me know if it works for you.    

Curling with Asian Hair

Hi! I have a wedding to attend in about 2 weeks. I have been trying to curl my super straight hair and spraying various products to see what will make the curls stay. Nothing seems to work! I have super straight asian hair and everytime I curl my long hair, the curls just become straight…

Big Hair Makes a Comeback

sarah jessica parker anjelina jolie big hair

From Sarah Jessica Parker’s June cover of Vogue to Angelina Jolie’s July cover of Vanity Fair the celebs and supermodels are sporting big vavava voom hair.  Think 80’s without the aquanet.  Do we really want to go down that road?  Celeb stylists, like Ted Gibson, are saying yes!  Stylists are saying yes to the big hair but a…

Edward Tricomi's Short Hair Cut Technique

Edward Tricomi from the LA based Warren Tricomi salon, yes think Lauren Conrad, shows the most common mistake in cutting short hair.  Tricomi explains that going a little shorter gives the hair major bounce.