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Are You Getting the Right Nutrients For Healthy Hair?!

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Loving this article from ABC news about 6 nutrients vital to maintaing healthy hair! Here’s a few of their essentials: Iron and zinc Iron and zinc help hair follicles to grow, says Wilma Bergfeld, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, who suggests eating lean red meat, which is rich in both, twice a week.…

Customer Review of the Day: Maijan Oil!!

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Just got a great customer review on the Maijan oil! — “I have been using this product for several years and it is my go to daily face moisturizer as well as a great hair conditioner…Leaves your skin radiant and hydrated without greasy residue..Leaves hair shiny and reduces the frizzies….Terrific product I could not do…

Foods to Avoid For Healthy Hair!

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  An article in the Huffington Post explains some food to avoid in order to maintain healthy hair and avoid hair loss. Eating too much food that is high in mercury and carbs seem to be a big issue!

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Prevent Damage Before it Starts

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Here’s a few simple steps to help prevent future damage to your locks:  Use a thermal protector when heat styling your hair — nothing will help protect it more than a layer of protection directly on the strands! Use a comb directly out of the shower, brushing wet hair causes it to pull, stretch, and…

Hair Fun Fact: Power Foods for Hair!

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Hair Fun Fact: Did you know what you eat can affect your hair’s condition and growth? Here are the top ten foods for healthy hair! 1.) Salmon 2.) Walnuts 3.) Oysters 4.) Sweet Potatoes 5.) Eggs 6.) Spinach 7.) Lentils 8.) Greek Yogurt 9.) Blueberries 10.) Poultry Similarly, most of these power foods can help…

You Are What You Eat! Even Hair

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We are always concerned about our hair.  Is it dry, is it oily, is it breaking, is it frizzy and the list goes on and on. Which products can I use to make my hair strong again? The answer is simple: You are what you eat!  Eating a balanced diet is the key to strong,…

Pre-Natal Vitamins Thicken Hair?

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Have you heard how prenatal vitamins can thicken your hair?  Urban myth or the truth?  When I was pregnant my hair had a healthy glow and seemed thicker to me.  Celebrities swear that prenatal vitamins help to thicken your hair.  Unfortunately there is no medical evidence that prenatal vitamins thickens your hair.  Too bad.

4 Steps to Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Damaged Hair Cuticle

Does your hair looks like it went through a small forest fire? Follow these simple steps to retain and regain lustrous shine and body in your lifeless locks. Get Your Haircut Although last on our list, receiving a good haircut or trim is especially important in maintaining the overall health of our hair.  Ideally you…

Knowing Your Hair's pH Level Makes All the Difference

Understanding your hair’s pH level is important for proper hair care. During the changing seasons our hair can sometimes take a while to adjust to the change in temperatures, but it can also take some time to adjust to the new products we are using on our hair. Sometimes the products we have been using…

Winter Hair Needs Special Care

You make time for brunch with friends and for date night, so why not get in the habit of scheduling time for a hair treatment? Hair is especially fragile when the weather is colder. Between the super hot showers and the harsh winter weather your hair is prone to static and damage constantly. Good thing…