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Jessica Alba’s Sleek Style

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Wow!  Look at Jessica Alba’s new sleek bob.  Think Posh but a little longer.  Jessica debuted this nifty look at the premiere of Little Fockers premiere in NYC.  Honestly Jessica can pull off any look!

Best Summer Hairstyles 2010


We have Elle’s best Summer Hairstyles for 2010!  What is in?  Nicole Richie’s ‘messy side-braid’ and Jessica Alba’s ‘high bun’ (to name a few.  Can’t pull those looks?  Bohemian, straight and slick, and head bands are the rage as well.  Take a night off and experiment with a new summer hairstyle.  It’s always fun to…

Jessica Alba's Red Hair?

Jessica Alba has been spotted recently with a new hair color, an electrifying RED!  So what do you all think?  I think it looks fab although the critics claim Alba changes her hair color like a chameleon.  Comment away please!

Jessica Alba Hair Update!


StyleBell insiders have just revealed that our one and only Jessica Alba has cut her hair!  It is about 6 inches shorter than her original hair and has very cute bangs.  Is it for an upcoming movie?  Only time with tell.  I think it looks fab!  What about you?  Tell me what you think of…