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Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair?

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The Biebs is sporting a new dye job…he’s “crossed over” to the dark side! It has not been confirmed why he made the change, but there is some speculation it’s for a movie. What do you think of the new color? Also, will someone please tell JB where his waist is? I’m worried if he…

Most Influential Celebrity Hair 2011

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber top the charts for most “influential” hair. We agree that those two young celebs have been dominating hair headlines this year, and have some other picks to share for hair influences in 2011. Stylebell’s Top Celebrity Influences in Hair for 2011 You can’t talk…

Justin Bieber’s Faux Hawk – Love It or Leave It?

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Justin debuted this faux hawk on Leno. What do you think?   Personally, I love a faux hawk! They look posh without being fussy. I’m a little biased though, since my own boyfriend sports the faux hawk on occasion. What do you think of the look on Justin Bieber? Vote!

Justin Bieber Changes His Hair Again

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This kid is going to drive toy makers crazy. We reported that the last time Biebs changed his ‘do, a company that makes dolls in his likeness lost $100,000. Well, he’s at it again! Justin Bieber’s hair stylist Vanessa Price has created a new look. Price is the only stylist allowed to touch the sacred…

Most Popular Celebrity Hair Styles

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What celebrity’s hair do you most admire? Or least admire? Or just like to stare at because of the crazy trainwreck? Regardless of the reasons, these are the top celebs whose hair people wanted to see when they hit the Yahoo Search this past month. Is your favorite on the list? Some of these really…

Bieber’s Hair Costs Toy Company $100,000

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Well, here’s one to file under “crazy but true”! Toy manufacturer Bridge Direct’s CEO Jon Foreman estimates Justin Bieber’s hair makeover earlier this year cost his company $100,000. What?! Foreman’s company creates dolls in Justin Bieber’s likeness. When they learned of The Bieb’s new ‘do, dolls with his old haircut were already in production. However,…

Justin Bieber’s New Haircut

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Yes yes yes!  After much contemplation and indecision, Justin Bieber gets a haircut!  He tweeted that he was going to make the cut but who believed it was true.  After the 1 hour special on Glee where the men grew Justin Bieber’d their hair I thought hands down he won’t make the cut.  But he…