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Oscars 2010, Kate Winslet Hair and Hairstyle

kate winslet

At the Oscars 2010 Kate Winslet’s hair was majestic. She has a stunning sleek 50′s look that looks so fabulous on her. Simple yet sophisticated.  I am going to definitely recreate this look at home.  I always love Kate Winslet and she did not disappoint at tonight’s Oscar’s!

Kate Winslet Hair and Hairstyle at the Oscars!


Kate Winslet Wow!  Kate Winslet looks beautiful at the Oscars Academy Awards!  Her hair is a combination of futuristic robot with old world classic.  Ideally I feel that her hair should have been a flop, however, the molded hair style maybe my favorite of the night.  I like how the hair is pulled back and…

Golden Globes Top Picks By Dean Banowetz

Drew Barrymore

This just in!  Dean Banowetz, celebrity hairstylist to Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Hudson, Leeza Gibbons, and every American Idol icon, was at the Golden Globes with a “front row seat”. He was hanging on the red carpet with his #1 client Ryan Seacrest and was upclose and personal with each star and of course their fabulous…