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New Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment

One n Only Keratin Treatment, brazilian keratin treatment, formaldehyde free

This just in!  One ‘n Only has just launched the new One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing System!  The One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing System will give your hair frizz elimination and curl reduction!  The One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing System Kit is a safe high-performance, formaldehyde-free formula that delivers…

Dry Shampoo After Global Keratin Treatment?

Dry Shampoo Featured Image

Question: Can i use a dry shampoo after having the Global Keratin Treatment? Answer: Yes, you can use a dry shampoo after having the Global Keratin Treatment!  Which is great news!  For most keratin treatments there is wait time before you can shampoo your hair.  Some treatments require 48 hours and others are 72 hours. …

Is Rejuvenol Better than Coppola Keratin Complex?

rejuvenol vs keratin complex coppola - feature

Question: Is the Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment better than the Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Smoothing Treatment? Answer:  The Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment and the Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment are both some of the best keratin based hair smoothing treatments on the market.   Both of these treatments include the same active ingredient keratin.  Each of these keratin…

Q & A: Can you use Argan Oil with a Keratin Treatment?

argan oil, pure argan oil, 100% argan oil, organic argan oil

Question: Can you use Argan Oil after having a keratin treatment? Answer:  This is a resounding YES!  Pure Argan Oil is not only safe for keratin treated hair but beneficial.  In the early days of keratin treatments, stylist’s would add a few drops of Pure Argan Oil to the treatment so that it would not…

Redken Launches Shape Control

Before After SC

Are you looking for an alternative to Brazilian Keratin Treatments? Are you worried about the formaldehyde in leading keratin treatments?  I know many of you are concerned and are searching for an alternative that will work similarly to the keratin treatments but not have the harsh chemicals like formaldehyde.  Below is a picture of the…

Cosmoprof Trend #3 Keratin, They Are Definitely Here to Stay

keratin, keratin treatment, brazilian keratin

Keratin, They Are Definitely Here to Stay Although there has been so much hype about Keratin Treatments and the health issues Keratin companies have staked their claim and are definitely here to stay.  I can’t say that there has been any dramatic advancements in the treatments but the companies have gotten larger and more of…

Keratin Treatments Good or Bad?

Is Keratin Treatments Good or Bad for your Hair?  The Today Show did an expose on keratin treatments.  The Bottom Line?  Keratin treatments do wonders on the texture of your hair!  It allows women to wash and go without the ironing, products, blow drying and so much more.  The truth is Formaldehyde is in so…

Keratin Complex After Photos!

Keratin Complex,Keratin Complex keratin treatment

Hey Keratin Complex lovers!  We want your AFTER PHOTOS of your hair after the Keratin Complex treatment.  Take a photo on your phone or your camera and submit your photo to StyleBell and we will post on our website!  We want to world to see your beautiful locks.  Isn’t that magical.  So submit today!

Rachel Ray Uses Keratin Treatments

Rachael Ray,Rachael Ray hair,Rachael Ray keratin,keratin treatment,brazilian keratin treatment

Rachel Ray, on today’s episode of The Rachel Ray show, tells her viewers how she uses the Keratin Treatment to get incredible shine in her hair.  She does have beautiful hair!

Liquid Keratin BOLD for Dark Hair

Do you have darker hair, African American hair, or just coarser South American hair and are looking for an at-home Keratin Straightening treatment that works on your hair?  Liquid Keratin has the answer!  They have taken there super power straightening original formula and have modified it just for your darker coarser locks.  That is genius!…