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Brighten Up Your Highlights At Home!


Looking for a chemical-free way to brighten up your highlights? This gentle Camomile Extract Shampoo by Klorane helps gradually enhance and brighten your highlights… even on natural hair! This shampoo contains a natural pigment, apigenin, that has been proven to naturally bump up highlights. Perfect for the summer or in-between salon visits!

Dry Shampoo After Global Keratin Treatment?

Dry Shampoo Featured Image

Question: Can i use a dry shampoo after having the Global Keratin Treatment? Answer: Yes, you can use a dry shampoo after having the Global Keratin Treatment!  Which is great news!  For most keratin treatments there is wait time before you can shampoo your hair.  Some treatments require 48 hours and others are 72 hours. …

Earth Day Sale! 20% Off Giovanni, Klorane, LANZA

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In honor of Earth Day, StyleBell is having a special sale on Earth Friendly Hair Care products including Giovanni, Klorane, and L’ANZA All Natural Hair Care Products! Are you looking for an all natural hair care line that doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals?  Giovanni Hair Care is your answer!  Giovanni’s formula incorporates vitamins,…

Product Review: Klorane Dry Shampoo

Klorane dry shampoo

Need a way to get by in between shampoos?  There are a number of women who cannot  wash and/or  rinse their hair everyday due to time, hair health, and other reasons and are looking for a way to keep hair fresh and clean.   Klorane Dry Shampoo is definitely the answer.  You simply spray in your…