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Miley… Growing Her Hair Out?!


So, were we the only ones who noticed that it looks like Miley’s hair was a bit overgrown on SNL’s 40th anniversary show?! Does this mean the rebellious pop-queen might also be missing those long wavy locks that we loved? We hope so! We loved this sassy pixie cut on Miley but we definitely are…

Miley Cyrus New Punk Hair

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Miley Cyrus surprises us again with a very short punk emo hairstyle.  She was spotted with this bleach blond do in Philadelphia.  Wow this is a major hair transformation.  What do you think?

Miley Cyrus Cuts Hair

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Miley Cyrus cuts almost 5 inches off her hair!  It looks a little lighter as well, right?  Well Miley you do what you need to do.  Cutting is healthy.  Sometimes those ends can get a little shabby from the coloring and straightening and need a little tlc.  What do you think?

Golden Globes Top Picks By Dean Banowetz

Drew Barrymore

This just in!  Dean Banowetz, celebrity hairstylist to Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Hudson, Leeza Gibbons, and every American Idol icon, was at the Golden Globes with a “front row seat”. He was hanging on the red carpet with his #1 client Ryan Seacrest and was upclose and personal with each star and of course their fabulous…

Curl Watch: Young Hollywood

From Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Watson to Miley Cyrus, young Hollywood has embraced curls in a big way! This short video montage showcases the cutest curly styles on the hottest young celebs. -StraightBelle

Celeb Style: Miley Cyrus

Superstar Miley Cyrus is not only becoming a household name, she’s also showing off her style smarts by going darker for the winter. And boy do we like it! In the winter, darker hair like this looks great against paler skin, and the deep rich brown tones she chose gives her look a hint of…