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Naomi Watts Goes Pink?!

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Naomi Watts was caught rocking pink hair on her new movie set! Thinking I like her polished blonde hair much better! But it’s nice to see her living on the wild side!

Lauren Conrad’s Accidental Haircolor

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Lauren Conrad’s hair is pink — and it was an accident! She and a friend attended India’s Holi Festival and got covered in pink powder and pink which stained her usually blonde locks pink! Looks pretty awesome for accidental haircolor!

Rachel McAdams Hot Pink Streaked Hair

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What is up with these celebs and pink hair these days? Just shows you how celebrities pick up on and follow trends sometimes too! Rachel McAdams is the latest celeb to rock the pink hair. Unlike some other celebs who have gone pink, she opted only for some streaks. However, she reveals in an interview…

Today's Hair Trends

People are always asking me what is new in hair. They may not want to participate in a trend, but they want to know what it is. The Posh Bob is the most recent nationwide trend that has enamored Average Jane.  The last one was the Rachel Shag! Now, I want you to go out…