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Michelle Williams is Saying Goodbye to the Pixie!

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Oscar nominated Michelle Williams is saying goodbye to her adorable pixie cut! She told E! News she was keeping the short hair in memory of her late Fiance Heath Ledger, but that she is finally ready to move onto a new look. I am loving the transition look, keep up the good work!

Michelle Williams’ New Red Hair Color

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This past weekend the lovely Michelle Williams attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala sporting a stunning new dye job. She’s gone from blonde to a light auburn, which I think beautifully complements her skin and eyes. I also love how the color is sort of echoed in the beading of her dress!…

Pixie Cut All the Rage

That long wavy bohemian style hair is SLASHED!  The fun flirty energizing Pixie Cut is in.  We have seen celebs from Michelle Williams to Emma Watson debuting their shorter locks.  Rihanna has had the quintessential pixie cut for years. What is a Pixie Cut you ask?  The definition of the pixie cut is a hairstyle…