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Katy Perry Hair Styles


Katy Perry has been in the news lately for not so happy headlines concerning her divorce from Russel Brand, so we’d like to show Katy some love with a tribute to her awesome style! Check out the many different quirky and cute styles Katy has rocked over the years.  

Hair Styles After Heartbreak


Have you ever felt the urge to change up your hair after a breakup? I know I have, and if you have too, you’re in the majority. One friend of mine had a boyfriend who hated short hair on women and insisted she keep hers long. After they broke up, she had it cut super…

Would You Wear Pink Hair?

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Katy Perry, Dianna Agron, and Fearne Cotton have all jumped on the pink hair bandwagon – would you? Katy Perry debuted this latest new look at the VMAs. Glee‘s Dianna Agron says her pink hair is for a work committment. Fearne Cotton wanted to do something crazy in her last year of her 20s!