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Happy Halloween from Stylebell!

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We’re wishing everyone a very happy, fun, safe Halloween today from Stylebell! Looking for last minute Halloween hair tips? We’ve got a bunch! Stylebell’s Halloween Hair Tips Roundup Got an emergency involving some gum? Here’s how to get gum out of hair. Need to fix a synthetic wig? Here’s how to straighten out that wig!…

Quick Tip – Getting Gum Out Of Hair

bubblegum, bubblegum in hair, get bubblegum out of hair

Eek! While enjoying Halloween festivities, one of your little ones has managed to get a wad of chewing gum stuck in her hair. What do you do? She’s panicking, you’re grossed out – don’t reach for those scissors! Getting gum out of hair is relatively easy with things you already have around the house. Ice…

How To Straighten A Synthetic Wig

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Here’s the scenario: you’ve just received your wig in the mail, and you’re stoked because your last-minute purchase came in time for Halloween. Except when you take the wig out of the package, the sleek, long tresses you had imagined for your Kim Kardashian costume have a big kink in them. What do you do?…