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Ceramic vs Titanium — Which One Is Better For You?!

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With all the buzz about ceramic flat irons vs titanium flat irons these days, it’s hard to know which hair straightener really is the best for YOU.  Although both types of irons will have the same end result, smooth, shiny and flattened cuticles, there are some significant differences in the two materials. Luckily,  we’ve done…

Why Should I Buy A Titanium Flat Iron?

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Whether you say Titanium Flat Irons, Titanium Hair Straighteners, or Titanium Straightening Irons it all boils down to one question, should I be using a Titanium Flat Iron?  Babyliss was one of the first manufacturers of the Titanium Flat Irons.  Babyliss launched their first titanium flat iron, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron about…