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Victoria Beckham Royal Wedding

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Victoria Beckham with husband in tow looked fabulous!  At approximately 6 months pregnant the hat & dress combo looked simply divine!!  Was it too much?  Let me know what you think

Posh Spice the Posh Bob Cut

I know I know the Posh Bob made famous by Victoria Beckham is history or is it?  I have seen more women with the Posh Bob this month than I have ever seen.  Want to know how to create that fab cut?  Check out this video which details exactly how to get the Posh Bob…

Posh Spice New Hair


All I can say is Posh Spice NEW HAIR!!! Is this the end of the Posh Bob? Well it looks so. Insiders tell me that Victoria Beckham showed off her new short, Annie Lenox style, do at the Marc Jacobs fashion event at New York’s Fashion Week. Victoria told insiders “I felt it was time…