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Amanda Bynes Shaves her Head!

amanda bynes, shaved head, buzz cut, wigs

Amanda Bynes “wigs out” and shaves her head! The actress, who has been known for bizarre behavior lately, claims she had to shave her hair due to hair damage from frequent hair color changes! With her new ability to wear wigs with ease I’m sure we can expect to see more colors and styles!

How To Straighten A Synthetic Wig

wig, costume wig, wig with long hair, synthetic wig, long hair wig

Here’s the scenario: you’ve just received your wig in the mail, and you’re stoked because your last-minute purchase came in time for Halloween. Except when you take the wig out of the package, the sleek, long tresses you had imagined for your Kim Kardashian costume have a big kink in them. What do you do?…

How To Put On A Wig

Continuing our trend this week of showing you some secrets to great costuming, today we’re going to cover how to put on a wig. That might seem like a silly topic– don’t you just plop it down on your head? Well, if you don’t care about it looking realistic go right ahead! But there are…

Kate Hudson Goes Brunette

kate hudson, kate hudson hair, kate hudson brunette, kate hudson dark hair, celebrity hair, brunette hair

Who? What? Kate Hudson is a brunette now?! Okay first Jason Alexander with hair, now Kate as a brunette? My stars. I don’t know what to do with you guys anymore…certain things in the universe we thought we had established are now mere memory. What’s next, the sky is purple? Okay so the sky being…