Most Popular Celebrity Hair Styles

What celebrity’s hair do you most admire? Or least admire? Or just like to stare at because of the crazy trainwreck? Regardless of the reasons, these are the top celebs whose hair people wanted to see when they hit the Yahoo Search this past month. Is your favorite on the list? Some of these really surprised me!

tom brady, tom brady hair, tom brady short hair, tom brady hair cut

It’s definitely no surprise that Tom Brady comes in as the most searched celebrity hair style. The news of him finally chopping his wild mane made headlines across the country (and made this blogger very happy!).

justin bieber hair, justin bieber hair style, justin bieber hair cut

Also no surprise on this list is of course Justin Bieber, whose hair is almost more famous than his music. After all, who can say they have a fan-run twitter feed dedicated to their hair?

emma watson, emma watson short hair, emma watson hair, emma watson hair style, celebrity hair style

We all knew Emma Watson was a future Hollywood Hottie, but I don’t think anyone anticipated this transformation. Our little Hermione is all grown up and turned heads world-wide when she debuted this immaculate pixie cut.

katie holmes, katie holmes bob, katie holmes hair, katie holmes hair style

I’ve given Katie Holmes a hard time lately about looking like a bit of a hot mess with her hair in recent times, but her name continues to be on the list of celebs whose hair draws the most searches. My hypothesis on this is that while her hair has been looking a little rough lately, she has rocked some pretty awesome hair in the past, like this bob pictured here. The sassy hair cuts she has had in the past are classic and still in style- perfect for busy moms, too!

carrie underwood, carrie underwood hair, carrie underwood hair style

I think if I were ever to go blonde, I would take a picture of Carrie Underwood to my stylist. Perfectly placed highlights and lowlights beautifully frame her adorable face! Her hair is always healthy looking and shiny, and styled perfectly (would a country star ever be any other way?!). Fabulous!

kris jenner, kris jenner hair, kris jenner hair style, kris jenner hair cut

I was slightly surprised to see Kris Jenner on this list, but now that you mention it she does have nice hair. Usually. Sometimes I’ve seen it get a little crazy, verging on “crazy older woman hair”. You know, those hairdos some women “of a certain age” get when they want to “young up” their look..? Messy, piece-y, tousled hair can look really out of place, depending on the woman if you go overboard.

dorothy hammill, dorothy hammill hair, dorothy hammill haircut

Okay explain this one to me, please? Dorothy Hammill‘s haircut was iconic in the 70s. But that was the 70s. Why is it still so popular to search for it? My guess is because we keep referring to any sort of bowl-ish girl’s haircut as a “Dorothy Hammill haircut”. For example, Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men.

javier bardem hair, javier bardem hair style, javier bardem no country for old men hair

Bad hair, friend-o.

halle berry hair, halle berry hair style, halle berry hair cut

It’s interesting to me that yet another short haired celebrity is on the top searched list! Certainly not everyone can pull off Halle Berry‘s short cropped hair, but let’s be honest Halle Berry doesn’t look like just anyone.

dianna agron, dianna agron hair, dianna agron hair style, dianna agron hairstyles, glee hairstyle

Beautiful Glee cast member Dianna Agron is another celebrity, who (pink hair aside) always seems to look on point when it comes to her hair. She always wears such glamorous hair styles! She must feel every bit as much as the princess she looks like.

jennifer love hewitt, jennifer love hewitt hair, jennifer love hewitt hair style, jennifer love hewitt hair cut

Another surprise on the top 10 list for me is Jennifer Love Hewitt! This blunt cut longer bob (aka the “lob”) is perfectly on trend for fall. (For another gorgeous ‘lob’ check out Selena Gomez!) It must not have been a look Miss J Lo Hew was fond of though, because she’s been seen since with some serious extensions, reverting back to her previous signature look.

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