Happy Halloween from Stylebell!

We’re wishing everyone a very happy, fun, safe Halloween today from Stylebell!

Looking for last minute Halloween hair tips? We’ve got a bunch!

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Stylebell’s Halloween Hair Tips Roundup

Got an emergency involving some gum? Here’s how to get gum out of hair.

Need to fix a synthetic wig? Here’s how to straighten out that wig! Or maybe you just want to know the best way to put on a wig? It might seem basic, but these tips are extremely helpful!

Throwing together a last minute Amy Winehouse costume? Here’s how to do her beehive hair! Or maybe you’re looking more for a Snooki look? We’ve got that too.

For those of you doing Halloween on the cuter side of things, check out this adorable updo tutorial.

Zombies are going to be huge this year! But how do you style hair for a zombie costume? Find out!

And of course…how do you cover up those pesky eyebrows for your Halloween makeup?

For a lot of great general styling info, check out last year’s list of Halloween hair tips, too!


Here’s to looking fabulous this year! We’d love for you to join us on Facebook and show off your Halloween looks!

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