Cover Your Gray Quickly

I am always, I mean always, looking for a way to quickly and easily touch up the few strands of gray.  Yes it is very annoying to think that the years are going by and my hair is showing it.  I have very dark brown hair so those strands especially at the root line are very noticeable.  I am probably not ready to do full coloring could use a quick pick me up.

Recently I discovered the product Cover Your Gray Professional.  I quickly took it out of the package and within seconds started to apply the product near the root line.  It colored the little white strands in seconds.  When coloring a long strand of white hair it is a little more difficult.  If you hold the strand tight you can try and color the rest.  The only issue I had was the applicator stick was a little loose.  So when I was coloring it would sometimes go back in the packaging.  Overall it was easy to use and worked very quickly.  Perfect for those times when you have to get out the door quickly.

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