Is Rejuvenol Better than Coppola Keratin Complex?

rejuvenol vs keratin complex coppola, rejuvenol vs coppola, keratin treatment, brazilian keratin treatmentQuestion: Is the Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment better than the Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Answer:  The Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment and the Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment are both some of the best keratin based hair smoothing treatments on the market.   Both of these treatments include the same active ingredient keratin.  Each of these keratin based treatments infuses natural hair keratin in the hair during the application process.  This leaves the hair smooth, silky, and soft!  What is keratin?  Keratin is a protein that provides hair with a strong, protective layer.  Keratin improves the structure of the hair by bonding to the cuticle layer to smooth unruly hair, resist humidity and reduce styling time.

Both the Rejuvenol and Keratin Complex are both fantastic keratin smooth treatments and will give you incredible results.  Rejuvenol has a larger variety of keratin treatment types such as 24 hr treatments, treatments for coarse hair, keratin boosted treatments and so many more.  So if you have harder to straighten hair Rejuvenol may be your best bet.  Keratin Complex by Coppola however is used in most of the major salons so it is easier to find a certified stylist to do the treatment.    Customers love the Keratin Complex treatment and swear by it!   Honestly if you use either treatment you will enjoy the results!

The bottom line:

Rejuvenol: use if you have harder to straighten hair

Keratin Complex by Coppola: you can use on any hair type

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