Hayden Panettierre Hair How To

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Have you been loving all of Hayden Penettiere’s gorgeous hairstyles on her hit show Nashville as much as we have? Here’s a quick how to on how to achieve this gorgeous side swept wavy look!

1.) Start with a Part! The first and most simple step in recreating this style at home is picking which side you want your hair to part to. Tip: try parting it towards the opposite side that you would normally choose — it will help you get the voluminous “bump” that Hayden has in her side swept bang! Or, part towards the side of your head with more hair, that way you can sweep back the thinner section and hide any areas that may look stringy!

2.) Get Wavy! This look would look great with tight or loose curls, but Hayden is rocking loose waves. I personally would use the Babyliss U-styler  for quick loose and voluminous curls. all over. Make sure you’re curling the area you will be sweeping back, too!

3.) Sweep and Pin! Pinning it back is way easier than it seems! Extra Long bobby pins work great for this step. Make a vertical section from part to the back of your ear and back-comb the back side of this section of hair. Once teased lightly, loosely smooth the section towards the back of your hair and secure with bobby pin, lengthwise into the section. For thin hair, use one pin and for thicker hair, use two to prevent bulging. Placing the pins into the section lengthwise will help hide them and your hair a more naturally styled appearance!

4.) Prepare to WOW those around you! :) 

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