Thermal Wraps vs. Foils for Highlights — What’s the Difference?!

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So many of you have seen the newest tool in highlight on your most recent visits to the salon — thermal wraps! We’re here to help you learn the difference between thermal wraps and the faithful foils that you’re used to and the client that thermal wraps would work best for.

Here’s what’s unique about the new thermal color wraps as opposed to foils: 

Unique, non-slip texture
Requires only one fold & re-seals easily
Thermal properties retain heat for faster processing
Rinses off easily, no unfolding packets
Polystyrene material is 25% lighter than most foil

- With their unique light-weight quality – these wraps are the ideal way to highlight thin, or fragile hair. They put less tension and weight on the hair which will result is less pulling  and in the long run, less strands lost during processing. The less weight you put on fragile, or over-processed hair, the less likely it is to break off.

- These are also the perfect foils to use for your multi-process clients. Because they only require one fold, you can simply rinse them out of the hair rather than taking the time to unfold and remove foils before rinsing.

- Because they are made of their unique thermal material, they hold and distribute heat evenly, just like foils. They are the perfect alternative for those clients who don’t like the weight of having foils in their hair throughout processing. They reduce weight on the neck, making it a much more pleasant experience for those customers who get a full-head of highlights.

We think they are so much fun and definitely worth a shot!


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