Fall 2014 Make-Up Trends We’re Loving!

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We have been obsessing over the latest fall make-up trends in 2014 because this year, they have been totally different than any fall trends we have seen before! Usually, we see tons of neutrals, wine stained lips and a darker theme to make-up trend but this fall things seem to have lightened up a bit and we think it’s amazing! These trends are sure to carry through to the upcoming seasons. Here is a short list of our favorites!

1.) Strong Eyebrow: Although this trend started before the fall, we are loving that the strong eyebrow trend is staying strong! Plus,we love that this means we can have more fun with our eyebrows and switch it up a little bit — it’s amazing how much the shape of your eyebrow can change your look!

2.) “Bitten” Lip Color: We love that this trend replaced the heavy, wine colored lip trend we’re used to seeing in the fall! the bitten lip color trend uses a bright hue of pink or and applies it right to the center of the lips to appear that the teeth have been biting the center. We love this super natural but unique look!

3.) Neutrals, Purples, & Teal Shadows: This is a tried and true fall trend — neutral shadows with a pop of fall color. We love the purples and teals we’ve been seeing! It’s a great way to incorporate those warm, wine-like fall colors without adding the super heavy lip color.

4.) Peach Iridescent Cheek: We usually show this some serious summer loving but this year the glowing peach cheeks are here to stay throughout the fall. The fun peach color helps to make all these lighter fall make-up trends pop and really work with all of our favorite fall colors! We could easily rock this trend all year long.

Let us know what your favorite fall make-up trends are!


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