Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Smooth Down Fly-aways!

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So, in the beauty world, there are two drug store items we seems to be obsessed with — toothbrushes and Q-tips. This beauty trick is one of the very many reasons we insist on everyone keeping a spare toothbrush around for beauty emergencies! Ever put your hair back or style it into the perfect top knot just to have to take it all down and start over because of a few lumpy spots or fly-aways? Not anymore! A toothbrush and a light hold hairspray are all you need! Simply spray the hairspray lightly above the lumpy area, and use the toothbrush to smooth the area back! Don’t like hairspray? No problem! This trick works just as well with a lightweight leave-in conditioner! Here’s a little how-to video we assembled for you!

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