Hair Accessories

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Keep Your Curls Clean!

hot tools cleaner, curling iron cleaner, clean curling irons, curling iron care, clean curls

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Keep Your Curls Clean with the Hot Tools Styling Iron Cleaner! We all know how hard it is to keep our irons looking brand new and feeling smooth, not sticky — this is the solution! This super affordable iron cleaner will make it easier than ever to keep your flat…

Customer Review of the Day: Babyliss Volare V1 Dryer!

volare dryer, babyliss dryers, babyliss volare, ferrari blowdryer

Customer Review of the Day: Babyliss Volare V1 Dryer! “One of the best hair dryer I have ever had. Would recommend this to anyone if you want salon style hair!” We are loving this super powerful blowdryer too! It has a Ferrari designed engine for maximum air pressure!

Side Swept Summer Hair!

side swept hair, summer hair, side swept, hairstyle, summer style

Tired of throwing your hair up in the summer? Looking for a new cute way to keep those stubborn bangs out of your face? I’m loving this super cute and quick side swept styles! All you need is a hair accessory of your choice and presto! Perfect summer hairstyle

Customer Review of the Day: Babyliss Jumbo Roller Hairsetter

babyliss roller hairsetter, babyliss hairsetter, hairsetters, roller sets, leopard roller set

Customer Review of the Day: Leopard Babyliss Jumbo Roller Set ”It gives so much body and soft waves to long hair.  One feels glam without having to spend hours straightening hair with the hair dryier and damaging it.  Electric curls are much gently on the hair.” I couldn’t agree more! Babyliss always makes reliable (and super…

Bridal Hair — No Veil, No problem.

bridal hair, bride, wedding hair, hair accessories

Thinking about omitting the veil for your summer wedding? No problem! Loving these fun summer bridal hair accessories! They are simple, yet elegant and easy to find at any local bridal store! These hair accessories seem to be the new summer wedding trend!

Caruso’s New Jumbo/Large Roller Style!

caruso, steam rollers, caruso large/jumbo rollers

  We have been getting a lot of calls lately about the new Jumbo/Large Caruso rollers. Caruso has updated their look — but rest assured, you are still getting the same great product/size you have always received! The new style of the rollers includes all of the same petite, small, and medium rollers however they…

Rev-Up Your At Home Deep Conditioning Treatments!

gold 'n hot, deep conditioning, heated dryer, heat

Get that salon style deep conditioning treatment at home by using this heat cap by Gold ‘n Hot! Rev-up the effectiveness of your conditioners and deep oil treatments by helping them infuse your hair! Heat will open up the cuticle allowing more moisture and penetration from your favorite conditioning products. This product works great with a…

Customer Review of the Day: JetBlack Product Club Gloves!

poduct club, jetblack, gloves, comfortable gloves, nonlatex, vinyl gloves

Customer Review of the Day! “Not only elegant but perfect fit, as if using natural hands due to material hugging factor. shows more professionalism especially in color and keratin treatments.” I agree 100%! These gloves are even perfect for shampooing, the snug and comfy fit keeps water out!

The New Trend: Hair Color Chalk!

hair color chalk, ombre, chalk for hair, hair color, bright colors, trends

Chalk for your hair?! It’s true. Hair color chalk is a new trend for temporary colorful strands! Heres how it works! How to Use Hair Color Chalk:  1. Dampen the hair where you would like the colors. 2. Rub hair color chalks on the damp section of hair. 3. For longer lasting colors, straighten or…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Round Brushes!

spornette, round brush, hairstyling tip of the day round brushes, types of round brushes, hair styling

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Use a round brush made of the same material as your favorite blowdryer/flat iron. For example, if you love the results you get from using a tourmaline flat iron, try using a tourmaline round brush, such as this one by Spornette, while blowdrying your hair! Doing this will give you…