Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

Customer Review of the Day: Toppik Hair Building Fibers!

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  Customer Review of the Day: Toppik Hair Building Fibers! ”I have the female pattern baldness -which means my hair has thinned considerably right behind my forhead hairline. It has become more noticable in the last year. This product works wonderfully!!!!!! It’s easy to use, and my husband couldn’t beleive the difference. I shake a little…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones!

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Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don’t Mess With Your Hormones! Just as pregnancy and other prescriptions drugs, such as steroids, can cause hair loss — changing your naturally occurring hormones can have the same affect. The most common cause of pre-mature hair loss is caused by the abuse of Birth Control Pills. Changing your pill,…

Anti-Aging Hair Products — Worth It?!

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Have they found the secret to aging hair? Not quite, but they have found important ingredients that could play a key role in keeping your hair youthful! Could caffeine be important for your hair?! The answer is YES! Check out this article about what doctors have been finding!

Castor Oil – New Hair Loss Remedy!?

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  Could Castor Oil be the key to tackling hair loss?! According to Aveya Beauty it is! Aveya believes that the Caribbean Roots Black Castor Oil can stimulate and increase hair growth. The castor bean, however, contains the toxic and dreaded Ricin. Although the toxin is denatured during the manufacturing product — would you be…

Can Stress Really Make Your Hair Fall Out?!

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Can stress really cause hair loss? According to an article in the Smithsonian, yes it can! Hair grows in 3 phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen, or the growing phase, is the longest of these three phases (and probably the one people are most familiar with) where the hair grows, and produces new hair.…

Doctors Trying a New Method for Hair Loss!

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A doctor in Texas is trying a new method for hair loss that is said to be less invasive than hair transplant procedures. This procedure uses stem-cell therapy using your body’s own blood plasma as well as a wound healing powder called “a-cell” that is then mixed together and injected directly back into the scalp.…

A Cure For Baldness?


Could we be close to a cure for baldness? Yale researchers think they might have a huge new clue. They have discovered that stem cells in the fatty layer of the skin may be responsible for signalling your hair follicles to grow. By expanding upon this research and figuring out how to get these cells…

Keratin Complex LashTransform

Do you want longer lashes and fuller brows today but don’t want to spend the cash for some outrageous lash enhancers like Latisse or Lilash?  We have found your answer!  One of our favorite brands has just launch an incredible new product called Keratin Complex LashTransform Amplifying Serum.  It does just that!  Once applied for…