Enchanting Updos

How to Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Pinned Back Up-do At Home!

We absolutely love this Jennifer Lawrence red carpet look — So much so, we wanted to show you how super easy it is to recreate! The best part is, all you need is an elastic headband (or a decorative headband if you’re looking for a more fancy look) bobby pins, and a light hair spray…

Hair How To: Fingerwaves Made (Almost) Easy!

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So… If any of you have been through cosmetology school or have been someone’s hair model for the state board exam, you know how difficult finger waves can be to achieve! As most stylists will tell you, passing state boards was probably most exciting because we think to ourselves “NO MORE FINGER WAVES…EVER!” But, as…

The Ultimate Roller Breakdown!

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As hot rollers and wash & sets continue to make a huge come-back in the beauty world, questions about rollers have been increasing as well. We can totally relate to how overwhelming it is to shop for rollers — there are so many different types, textures, and materials! So, we’ve taken all of your questions…

Olivia’s Wilde Up-do at the Oscars!

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Olivia’s Wilde Up-do at the Oscars! Olivia Wilde Oscar Hair: Olivia Wilde’s messy up-do is the casual yet elegant way for this mom-to-be to look fab and feel comfortable. LOVING this look!

Amy Adam’s Raised-Up Side Swept Oscar Hair!

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Amy Adam’s Raised-Up Side Swept Oscar Hair! Amy Adam’s Oscar Hair: Amy Adam’s is rockin’ a super unique hair style at tonights Oscars. I’m loving the lifted side shifted bun on her! This up-do has just the right amount of WOW!