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Calling All Stylists: Roll Out in Style!

rolling bad, organized, stylist tool case, carrying case, organizational case

Stylists — Are you tired of having to pack and lug multiple bags back and forth to the salon every day and night? This Keratin Complex rolling bag is the perfect solution! All of your tools will fit in one bag and you won’t even have to carry it! With multiple compartments it has never…

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Keep Your Curls Clean!

hot tools cleaner, curling iron cleaner, clean curling irons, curling iron care, clean curls

Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Keep Your Curls Clean with the Hot Tools Styling Iron Cleaner! We all know how hard it is to keep our irons looking brand new and feeling smooth, not sticky — this is the solution! This super affordable iron cleaner will make it easier than ever to keep your flat…

Elchim’s Incredible Warranty!

elchim dryer, elchim hair, elchim, elchim warranty, unlimited warranty, lifetime warranty

Have you heard about Elchim’s incredible warranty on their hairdryers? These dryers are perfect for stylists who rely on their tools to make a living. Elchim backs all of their hairdryers with an UNLIMITED lifetime warranty. That kind of confidence is definitely assuring when buying a tool for daily use! Elchim will replace or repair…

Customer Review of the Day: JetBlack Product Club Gloves!

poduct club, jetblack, gloves, comfortable gloves, nonlatex, vinyl gloves

Customer Review of the Day! “Not only elegant but perfect fit, as if using natural hands due to material hugging factor. shows more professionalism especially in color and keratin treatments.” I agree 100%! These gloves are even perfect for shampooing, the snug and comfy fit keeps water out!

Calling All New Yorkers — Are You In Need of a Makeover?!

aveda, cut a thon, fundraisor, makeover, new york

A makeover with a good cause! Check out the cut-a-thon hosted by Aveda! On April 22nd, from 12-8pm Aveda is hosting a Global Cut-a-thon with all proceeds going to their Clean Water international fundraiser. Daily Makeover is excited to help the Aveda team reach their goal of raising the most money in the world through charity for haircuts in…

Just In: Product Club Jaw Clips!

product club, jaw clips, product club clips, thick hair clips, professional hair clips

JUST IN! Product Club Jaw Clips. This clips are awesome and work on ANY hair type! They even expand to fit super thick hair and hold it securely in place making them PERFECT for haircoloring!

Powertools for the Hair Professional!

powertools, hairstylist, professional products, hair products, hair color

The POWERTOOLS line of products  by Dennis Bernard are a time saver and money maker for any hairstylist! All of the products are extremely easy to use and do exactly what they say they do — they help you power through your busy day with fast and efficient results. These products can be used in combination…