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A Pill to Cure Gray Hair?

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A pill to “cure” gray hair… It’s that simple.  Is this product too good to be true? Would you use it? Click here to read more about this new treatment! 

Prevent Grey Hair ala Dr. Oz

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Greying is not fun especially when you start to exhibit pre-mature greying in your early 30′s.  Greying happens naturally with due to genetics.  However, sometimes it can be caused by stress or hydrogen peroxide in products.  What can we do to help prevent the greying.  Stop using any products that have hydrogen peroxide.  Many shampoos,…

Cover Your Gray Quickly

cover your gray

I am always, I mean always, looking for a way to quickly and easily touch up the few strands of gray.  Yes it is very annoying to think that the years are going by and my hair is showing it.  I have very dark brown hair so those strands especially at the root line are…