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Powertools for the Hair Professional!

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The POWERTOOLS line of products  by Dennis Bernard are a time saver and money maker for any hairstylist! All of the products are extremely easy to use and do exactly what they say they do — they help you power through your busy day with fast and efficient results. These products can be used in combination…

January Jones Battling Hair Loss!

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January Jones is blaming her battle with hair loss on the many different hair color changes she has made this year! Over-dying is Over-drying! Keep your hair hydrated and share with us your hair horror story!

Can you color your hair if you get GK?

Global Keratin Products

Question:  Can you color your hair if you get GK (Global Keratin)? Answer: Yes you can color your hair after you have received the GKhair keratin treatment.  It will not harm the actual treatment or change the color in any way.  That being said most stylists recommend that you have your color done prior to…

Chromatics by Redken for Your Hair

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Over 50% of women in America color their hair.  What is the biggest complaint?  Damage and dryness caused by the coloring.  I know the StyleBell Readers would agree!  We need a hair color that is permanent that will not damage our hair! Finally, a company has heard our rants!  Redken has launched, Chromatics Prismatic Permanent…

What is Ombre Hair Color?

Ombre Hair Color

What is the deal with Ombre Hair Color?  A few months ago my hair stylist says, “You should darken the top and lighten up the ends of your hair.”  I said “Isn’t that called roots?”  She said “NO this is Ombre style hair coloring.”  Once said to me I started noticing that tons of celebrities…

Loreal Professional Launches INOA Hair Color

Loreal INOA,Hair color, loreal professional

Everybody I mean everybody I know colors their hair! Colorists are always asking me for hair color that doesn’t have ammonia. When I heard about INOA from Loreal Professional I knew this was the answer. Can you imagine sitting in a color chair, getting your hair color, but there is no nasty smell or odor!…

Color Perfection Redken Art of Consultation

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Are you a new hair stylist just starting out in the world of color? Or do you own a salon and are trying to figure out how to assure that your stylists are providing the best color option for your clients?  Redken has just launched the new Art of Consultation, a step by step guide…

Enjoy the Season: Shades of Summer Color

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Summer is finally here. I know because I’m currently sitting outdoors with no jacket and an iced coffee. Being that it was freezing just two weeks ago in New York City, this is sweet reward, indeed. But the coming of sunshine means we have to get our hair in order. Once we achieve that summer…

Color Color Color for Spring

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Not just for your clothes think hair color – bright blue, green, and pink hair color! Think Lady Gaga. The trend started at New York Fashion Week in Spring ’10 shows such as Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen. Cynthia Rowley caught onto this trend with her Fall ’10 show. Wella master colorist Eva Scrivo created…

Clairol Beautiful Collection

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The ladies out there with relaxed hair have asked me time and time again whether they can color their after relaxing their hair.  Previously I would have said a resounding NO.  However now that answer has changed.  Clairol has recently launched the new Clairol Beautiful Collection one step semi-permanent hair color.  The color is a…