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Shakira’s New Short Hair

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The Colombian singer Shakira shared a new hair cut on her Twitter account, and I love it! I just can’t decide which I love more, the new ‘do, or her purple lipstick! Rock ON, girlfriend!     What do you think of Shakira’s new hair?

Madonna Sunsilk Video Clip

If you caught our earlier post, you know that Sunsilk is running a commercial during the Superbowl featuring Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Shakira in a “Life Can’t Wait” promotion. If your life can’t wait for the Superbowl, no problem, here’s a sneak peak!

Madonna + Shakira + Marilyn Monroe Equals…


One killer ad campaign from Sunsilk! These three style icons, well recognized around the world for their passion, talent and ever changing, risk-taking looks, will be featured in a new ad campaign to be aired during the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Capturing the life-defining moments of these three beauties, the campaign hopes to inspire…