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Amanda Bynes Shaves her Head!

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Amanda Bynes “wigs out” and shaves her head! The actress, who has been known for bizarre behavior lately, claims she had to shave her hair due to hair damage from frequent hair color changes! With her new ability to wear wigs with ease I’m sure we can expect to see more colors and styles!

Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Shaves Head

Lourdes, madonna, shaved head, hair, lourdes hair, lourdes shaved head

Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes, is making a definite statement by creating a emo punk style, dark brown wavy hair with shaved sides.  Lourdes is a mere age of 15 but is already out to be a trend setter.   Insiders say that dear Mom gave her leeway to change her hair when she turned 14.  Who would…

On Trend – Hair Tattoos

hair tattoos, hair tattoo designs, hair tattoos designs

Ever since we humans discovered scissors, we’ve been coming up with creative ways to cut our hair off. Hair tattoos are one popular way that some people choose to express themselves in a very eye-catching and dramatic way. Tribal patterns are popular, but like a topiary, anything goes as long as you can find someone…

Would You Shave Your Head?

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Singer Jessie J is planning on a bit of a makeover for 2012. Recently in an interview she revealed she wants to shave her head “to make a difference in the world” (how exactly she plans on accomplishing this is still up for speculation), in addition to gaining weight for health reasons. Known for her…