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Lucy Hale’s New Look for the New Year!

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We are absolutely obsessed with Lucy Hale’s new look for the new year! Although we’ve all become quite used to her long shiny locks on Pretty Little Liars, this new choppy textured bob really spices up her look! Do you think we’ll be seeing this new look on the show? We hope so! The short…

Nikki Reed’s New Look!

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Nikki Reed chops off her long wavy locks! What do you think of her new look? I think the shorter style takes years off her look! She looks youthful and adorable!

Beyonce’s Beautiful Hairstyles

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Beyonce’ is not only the Queen Bee of the music industry, but she is definitely royalty in the hair world as well! I’m convinced that she can pull off just about anything with her hair and still look fabulous. From her natural curls to her sleek and shiny looks — everything suits her beautifully! My…

Miley Cyrus’ Short Hair is Here to Stay!

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Miley Cyrus says we will never see her with long hair again! She is loving the short hair, and so are we! Although we love her long hair too, she can definitely pull off her new, and seemingly permanent, look!

Would You Shave Your Head?

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Singer Jessie J is planning on a bit of a makeover for 2012. Recently in an interview she revealed she wants to shave her head “to make a difference in the world” (how exactly she plans on accomplishing this is still up for speculation), in addition to gaining weight for health reasons. Known for her…