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Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair?

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The Biebs is sporting a new dye job…he’s “crossed over” to the dark side! It has not been confirmed why he made the change, but there is some speculation it’s for a movie. What do you think of the new color? Also, will someone please tell JB where his waist is? I’m worried if he…

Katy Perry Hair Styles


Katy Perry has been in the news lately for not so happy headlines concerning her divorce from Russel Brand, so we’d like to show Katy some love with a tribute to her awesome style! Check out the many different quirky and cute styles Katy has rocked over the years.  

Hair Styles After Heartbreak


Have you ever felt the urge to change up your hair after a breakup? I know I have, and if you have too, you’re in the majority. One friend of mine had a boyfriend who hated short hair on women and insisted she keep hers long. After they broke up, she had it cut super…

Color Inspiration – Red Heads!

Karen Elson

Thinking of changing your look for 2012? Many of us see a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. Others see it as a great time to make a change – why not with your hair? If you’re thinking of changing up your look for the new year, consider a new color! Here…

Rihanna Has Gone Curly!

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Recently seen arriving at an Armani boutique party in Milan, Rihanna is rocking some serious curls! What do you think of RiRi’s new ‘do? I think it looks really great on her.  

Shakira’s New Short Hair

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The Colombian singer Shakira shared a new hair cut on her Twitter account, and I love it! I just can’t decide which I love more, the new ‘do, or her purple lipstick! Rock ON, girlfriend!     What do you think of Shakira’s new hair?

Love It Or Leave It – Demi Lovato Goes Red!

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Demi Lovato shared this picture of her new hair color on her Twitter. I’m loving it! How about you? I can’t wait to see more pictures of her new red locks. Quick Lovato, get yourself on a red carpet, stat! I think as many of us will be going darker for fall, this red is…

Justin Bieber’s Faux Hawk – Love It or Leave It?

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Justin debuted this faux hawk on Leno. What do you think?   Personally, I love a faux hawk! They look posh without being fussy. I’m a little biased though, since my own boyfriend sports the faux hawk on occasion. What do you think of the look on Justin Bieber? Vote!

SHAPE Magazine Best Beauty Blogger Awards

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Very exciting news! My Style Bell was nominated for a Best Beauty Blogger award by SHAPE Magazine! That means we need your votes! If you love what we’re doing here on My Style Bell, please vote for us!  

Would You Wear Wet Hair?

Fashion Week showed us a trend towards wet or wet-look hair styles for Spring. What do you think? Should your blow dryer put out a singles ad, or is your relationship rock solid?